Twin Rose Farm Hemp Products

We are excited to offer 100% Tennessee grown and processed cannabinoid oil that has been third-party batch tested.

Our cannabinoid oil is full spectrum, meaning it contains all types of cannabinoids present in our plants. This includes less than the legal limit of 0.3% THC. Our oils do not contain any added flavors to give you the most natural and pure product. See the analysis of our hemp for more details.

We suggest starting with half of a dropper of oil and adjusting the dosage by your individual needs. Depending on your personal dosage, each bottle can provide a 30-day supply.


We are in the process of updating our sales platform for our CBD products. Please fill out the form below and indicate which product you would like to purchase. An invoice will be sent to your email address, and your order will ship out as soon as the invoice is paid. Thank you for your patience as we finish these updates!


250mg CBD Oil $35


500mg CBD Oil $65


1000mg CBD Oil $125

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Most orders ship within 2–3 business days, but please allow 3–5 days to process your order.

If you want to buy different types of products in a single transaction, please send us an email.

Here at Twin Rose Farm, we dove head first into growing specialty cut flowers our first growing season. Our vision of a sustainable farm includes offering true Tennessee farm grown products throughout the year to all of our loyal customers. This year, as a participant of the Tennessee Industrial Hemp Pilot Program, we decided to start growing industrial hemp in anticipation of offering cannabinoid oil products.